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Our mission is to revolutionize the health sector, promoting online interaction with services, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these services providers in patient care: increasing satisfaction: saving time and operational costs


Our main objective is to provide access to electronic health for as many patients as possible, equipping them with the basic tools necessary for health. As well as: • Being within reach of patients when they need it; • Support in the development and implementation of online health services; • Promote quality health education as a way to encourage continued health care.


The role of the health provider is to expand far beyond the walls of your health post. It is in this context that SAUFAMI: also through technology: aims to help improve access to health services.

For Patients / Consumers:

  • Immediate access to doctors and patient support, regardless of time and location;
  • Conveniência de receber atendimento sob os próprios termos do paciente, por via online ou presencial;
  • Price of the most accessible products and services on this platform;
  • Quality care of accredited physicians who can provide consultation, recommend treatment and write prescriptions online.

For Insurers:

  • Simplifies the administrative burden associated with health care, improving the health of the population.

For Doctors

    Online health care provides physicians with an additional, efficient and powerful way to achieve positive patient outcomes. With SAUFAMI, it is possible to:
  • Practice medicine anytime, anywhere;
  • Enjoy a new channel of communication with patients, offering more flexibility, ease of access and reducing the need for a facility or office to provide care;
  • Simplify the provision of health care, administrative and payment procedures, allowing them to be paid in full for the services in a faster and more efficient way;
  • Increase revenues by obtaining new patients through online consultations
  • Enable medical-to-medical collaboration, through which they can easily communicate with one another to provide care to the patient;

For Health Providers:

  • SAUFAMI allows them to have quick access; information that may assist in the diagnosis of health conditions or in the development of treatment plans.
  • At the same time, it supports patient-centered care: allowing them; collect health-related information, communicate with doctors and even receive care at home, electronically.

For more information about our products and services, download our company profile here,